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Borce on crutches engage in international races in running – 09.14.2015 (Dnevnik)

Poraka-Negotino's Vacation to Dojran – Summer 2015

With needle and thread Borce can do a man doll by sewing – Dnevnik, 03.10.2015

Message of Love and Harmony from "PORAKA" - (Utrinski vesnik, 02.20.2015)

The life is better together in Poraka

"Dnevnik" published an article for PORAKA NEGOTINO

Summer holiday in Dojran

Rather than wither in the special bureau, they live given the chance (Dnevnik 05.11.2014)

There isn't parallel world
for the handicapped persons
(Dnevnik 09.19.2013)

FACE TO FACE - 5th number

Mobile phone with camera

Promotion of FACE TO FACE

Humanitarian action OFFER HAND

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Visit the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia

Within the creative workshop, during the month of May was developed thematic unit titled PARLIAMENT, GOVERNMENT AND PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA.
For this purpose a visit of Parliament was organized where our users had the opportunity to get to know the work of Parliament, to review the premises of the legislature, and to meet with some of the MPs and representatives of the Parliament.

Satisfied with the visit of the Parliament, the users spent the next day in walking through the Old Bazaar and lit a candle for health in the church st. Dimitri.
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship were in visit to the Daily Centre Volkovo

In May, the Daily Centre in Volkovo was visited by representatives of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Texas, USA.

Through a variety of creative workshops, social and fun games we had the opportunity all together to have fun and socialize.

Our users with help from our assistants cooked Macedonian traditional dishes.
Donation from the church St. Spas from Trubarevo on the occasion of Easter holidays

Many thanks to Father Boban and the board of Temple St. George that on the occasion of Easter holidays delight our users with gifts.
Celebration for Vasillica – Old New Year

Vasillica holiday - Old New Year was marked by lighting the traditional fire and bread with a coin.
The user Plamenco got the coin.

With these activities, our users gain knowledge about traditional customs related to religious holidays.

On the occasion of New year and Christmas the users of PORAKA NEGOTINO CENTRE were on upcoming celebration in restaurant "Kaj Zlate".
The new 2016, like every year, our users celebrated with joyous song, dances and mutual friendship.

Respecting the tradition of our great feast of Christmas Eve in all residential communities feast was celebrated with a traditional bread with a coin and rich lean table. According to traditional customs, the one who gets the coin will be happy throughout the year.

On the occasion of our Christian holiday of Christmas, users of Poraka Negotino lit candles in church St. Atanasij in the village Kuckovo and also organized a traditional Christmas lunch.
Visit by the Union of women from municipal Committee Gjorce Petrov

On October, 17th 2015, the representatives from Union of Women of VMRO DPMNE - Municipality Gorce Petrov visited the Day Centre in Volkovo. The visit was the occasion of Day Healthy Food. During the visit they had the opportunity to socialize together with our users.

Preparing of winter supplies in Daily Centre Volkovo

As every year, the majority of users have participated in the preparation of winter supplies according to their abilities and capabilities.
So, this year, they had prepared paste, hajvar, pickled, compote and preserves for use in their daily diet.

Negotino Fair

This year, our users were part of Negotino Fair with their products made in creative and sewing workshop.

Welcomed their loved ones on the occasion of the Virgin Mary in their homes and amused.

Making Hajvar

On October the 22nd and 23rd, the users of Poraka learned how to make hajvar! This was an activity of cooking workshop in which the users learned every step in making hajvar process. As you can see by the pictures, a mixture of fun and learning was had by all!

Preparation for winter

The first preparations for winter began in residential communities. So, our users prepared a various kinds of paste.

Borce on crutches engage in international races in running

49-year-old Borce Atanasov, a person with special needs on crutches, engage in international races in running. The race was organized in Kavadarci yesterday afternoon and Borce became the hero of the day. For many of them he proved that recreation should replace excessive sitting in front of computer. He was part of the trail 3 km.

- For the first time I'm on this race, I many wanted to take a part. I'm having trouble with my foot but I can go fast. Only I was here with crutches. I am very happy and proud that I reached the goal - he said.
He and five other people with special needs from Negotino "Poraka" and a volunteer from abroad, took part in those races and ...

more on - Dnevnik 09.14.2015
watch video
Poraka-Negotino’s Vacation to Dojran – Summer 2015

This year, as well as other years traditionally we organized a summer vacation for the part of the users from Community Housing with support. This year, our users had the opportunity to vacation on the Ohrid lake.
During this vacation they had the opportunity to socialize, entertain, swim and visit cultural characteristics specific to the city of Ohrid as a tourist resort.
Except swimming and having fun, our users were in visit the Water Museum, Monastery of St. Naum, Biljana sources and the old bazaar in the center of town. During walks users were introduced and acquired knowledge about the beauties and historic landmarks of the city.
During the visit to the Monastery St. Naum, all users lit candles for health. This kind of organization contributes to greater socialization and integration and improves psycho-physical condition of the users.
Тhe swimming pool

Computer workshop

Two young volunteers from the Centre for Regional Sustainable Development - CRSD came on 21 July in the Day Centre to help users involved in the computer workshop, working with them on math basics, learning letters, recognizing animals. We want to thank them for their help and enthusiasm, and special thanks to Emilija Kachkuta Andonova for the cooperation.

Finished exercise of Summer Camp 2015

Many thanks to the Military Academy "General Mihailo Pastoral" - Skopje for the closing ceremony invitation of the Summer Camp 2015 that was held at the shooting range Brest - Ap Krivolak.

Demonstrative sided tactical exercise "Conducting operations for stabilization and support" had been prepared by cadets.

Some of our customers were able for the first time to attend this extraordinary event that would long recount.
Donation of Assistive Technology

Some of our staff together with users attended training on the use of assistive technology which we got as a donation from the NGO Open the Windows / Open the Windows.

We discussed the problems we face every day, and those problems will be resolved by using this technology so that persons with tremor, spasm, and even blind persons can engage in computer workshop that started actively to realize in April after we obtained computer equipment through the project by Peace Corps.
Visit by cadets from the Summer Campus 2015

This was successfully accomplished civil-military cooperation with the cadets and students from ten countries of the sixth held summer campus.

They donated to our users their one-day snack and gave them caps with the logo of Military Akademija.

Also they brought us plastic bottles, in support of our recycling process and raising awareness of a healthy environment.

They involved in the manufacture of products in the creative workshop together with our users, were playing ping - pong, basketball, darts.


After a long work, we started harvesting our products as green beans, peppers, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes etc.

Every day we have a healthy and organic food produced by our diligent hands. We are happy and pleased that we have contributed for us to live a healthy life.
WONDERFUL WEEKEND spend with our friends from Texas AMERICA

We had a wonderful weekend again in Daily Center in Volkovo, with our dear friends from Texas America - representatives of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

That weekend was filled with making a grill, music and singing good songs.


In cooperation with the Institute for Social Work and Social Policy, we had a visit from students of this institute. Through presentations they were familiar with everyday activities and tasks implemented by professionals.

Also through the presentation, some of our users were talking about their daily activities, engagement, events and newly acquired experiences.

We increased the arable area and got OUR OWN WATER watering

Due to increasing knowledge and independence of our users in agriculture, the need arises for increase the agricultural area, planting and growing of all necessary products for our Centre, that succeed in Volkovo. A big thanks to our neighbors that we ceded their lands so our users can be engaged to process and work.
With the growing arable land, the need for greater amounts of water irrigation is raised. After consultation with experts we started to excavate hole, then inside of hole we stuck a pipe and finally our work was pay off, we got water.


In the courtyard of the Daily Center in Volkovo, we gathered the entire staff of the Office of Housing with community support in Skopje together with all of our customers to jointly celebrate this holiday. We had a short review before the celebration for educate the users about the importance of this holiday because they began actively to engage working.
Surprisingly on the celebration join us and the manager of our association with the family. The celebration was marked with songs, dances and beautiful barbecue.

Participation in Drama Festival "Games without mask"

Part of the revue day of the second international theater festival "GAMES WITHOUT MASK" for people with and without handicap - theater without discrimination.
On this festival our organization presented itself with folk story "Sly Pejo and Nastradin Hodja", and our volunteer Martin Sharac received recognition for the best amateur role of Sly Pejo.

Christian holiday Easter was celebrated with lunch in residential communities in Negotino

Users of services for housing with support in the community with support from the assistants, celebrated our greatest Christian holiday Easter.
Coloring Easter eggs, going to church and traditional preparation of the grill, all those activities were so exciting that our users enjoyed and entertained.

Easter handmade

Beautify these days your home with hand-made that are made in the creative workshop at the Daily Center, and they are with selling character and will be expose at the City Square in Negotino.

Celebrating March 8 International Women's Day

March 8th, the feast of the woman was marked In Daily Centre. On this occasion, the users from the stronger sex donated unpretentious gift and sincere hug to the female users.

Learning English

Our Peace Corps volunteer, Brian Fitzpatrick regularly maintains a small part of English classes each Tuesday and Friday.

Quiz - What animals eat

After few daily preparations was organized a quiz with prize on theme "What animals eat" in the Day Centre in Negotino.

Our users were divided by random into two groups, and our volunteer Simona Tasheva hosted the event.

The winner was Group A, which received valuable gifts, while Group B had symbolic rewards that serve as motivation for the next quiz to be even better and get valuable prizes.

In March the Daily Centre in Volkovo visited representatives from Food Bank in Macedonia. The president of the Food Bank in Macedonia, Mr. Dusko Hristov donated food and drinks for residential communities in Skopje.

Cooperation with them is exceptional for a long time. They are familiar with the activities implemented within the Daily Centre and are impressed by advances and the special treatment of work with users.

Our users and staff are very grateful of them.
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